Dia crashes with latest updates in slacware-current

Having just updated to the latest set of slackware current packages I found that the trusty old Dia would segfault:


** (dia:26707): CRITICAL **: dia_renderer_set_size: assertion `irenderer != NULL’ failed
Segmentation fault


With Ubuntu to the rescue 🙂 according to this report I found the fix to be:

Edit $(HOME)/.dia/persistence and change the value from false to true.


  <dia:boolean role=”view_antialised”>
<dia:attribute name=”booleanvalue”>
<dia:boolean val=”true”/>


Please note that this fix works only if $(HOME)/.dia/persistence already exists. What this does (from the bug report):

i.e. make the antialiased rendering default. And please don’t use the
View/AntiAliased menu item to toggle the renderer later, because that would
trigger the crash again.