[Errno 32] Broken pipe in s3cmd

In order to backup a bunch of servers I’m using s3cmd to backup files to a Amazon S3 account. s3cmd is a really nice tool as it works from the command line, does encryption on the fly and can use the https protocol for upload.

I used [cci_bash]s3cmd –configure[/cci_bash] and set everything up. The first error I got when I tried to test it was:

s3cmd put file.tar.gz s3://my_bucket_name/file.tar.gz
[Errno 32] Broken pipe
and it tried throttling down and uploading again. What I didn’t know was that:

  • if your file is over 5Gb it will give this error
  • if you just created the bucket it may take a few minutes to start working
  • you get this error if the bucket doesn’t exist (you mistyped it)

Disable charging of a Nokia N900 while USB connected.

One of the joys of having a hackable computer serving as a phone is that you can do stuff which have no “option” in “settings”.
Recently I wanted to see if I can connect it to an Android tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1). I couldn’t. Too bad as I could really use the extra 32Gb the n900 has to offer. It would connect but the tablet disconnects it as soon as the phone tries to start charging.
All I had to do was issue:
stop bme
in a root console before connecting the phone to the tablet. After finishing I ran:
start bme
to restore everything to normal.

Black levels tool output in digikam after upgrading to 2.6

I tested the 2.6-rc version of digikam and found that the levels tool offers a black window instead of proper output. First I thought it’s a 2.6 issue so I reverted to my 2.5.0 stable version. No luck. I then thought it’s because some updates I ran for Slackware (I’m using current64) Not having any luck I opened a bug, thankfully the digikam developers were quick to reply: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=299755

To be short the issue will be fixed for 2.6.0 stable but until then edit ~/.kde/share/config/digikamrc and remove the [adjustlevels Tool] config group.